Threading new main halyard in mast

I have had the mast down on my boat and am installing new standing and running rigging. Runnig inside the mast are the main halyard and the wires for the anchor light (new), new cable for the new VHF antenna, and the wires for the steaming light. The existing main halyard entered the mast from the rear, but higher up in the mast went around a bolt to run on the other side (or perhaps more centered in the middle) and then to the sheave at  the top and exited the back. The person working with me has recommended separating out the main halyard on the backside of the mast from the wires running down the front side of the mast, which seems to make sense, so we have run the main halyard straight up the back side without making that turn. But, I thought I should perhaps check here to see if anyone knows whether it really needs to go around that bolt and make that turn for things to work properly (I can imagine it might help with leverage somehow), before we put the mast up (which I hope will  be very soon). I have done a little looking online and have posted a question in the owner's group for my boat (an Ericson 25 plus) but so far haven't found any info about this.

Thanks for your thoughts,